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Dear President Obama,

As we Americans are well aware, you ran for office on the idea of bringing change to our nation. Your actions have proven that this was not an empty campaign promise and that you are willing to experiment and take risks in order to improve our country. We humbly submit an idea that could very well change the face of the United States, quite literally in fact.

No president since Benjamin Harrison has worn a full beard. It has been 116 years since he left office in 1893. The entire twentieth century passed without the slightest shadow touching an American president’s noble chin. This is a travesty. A man’s beard signifies strength, wisdom, and power – all qualities that the President must possess in order to be successful. Mister President, we strongly urge you to grow a beard.

Many world leaders wear beards. Unfortunately, beards seem to be more prevalent on leaders of nations with whom we have strained relations, such as President Ahmadinejad. However, respectable presidents can wear beards as well, for example Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil. Think of the impact your beard would have on world politics. Seeing one of the most powerful world leaders with a beard would ease some of the tension between the world’s bearded and non-bearded leaders.

Mister President, let us speak frankly. You are probably the “coolest” president we may ever have. As proponents of the beard, we ask you to use your cool points to help out the cause, the fight to end beard discrimination. In this extremely competitive job market, we fear that qualified men are being passed over for certain jobs simply because of their facial hair. A presidential beard would help eliminate that source of difficulty that some of our bearded brethren currently face.

Refuse to shave until you end the recession. Refuse to shave until our current conflicts have been resolved. Grow a beard, Mister President. Grow it to let your inner wisdom shine. Grow it to fulfill your promise of change. Grow it because it is the right thing to do.

The Undersigned


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Lauren Knipp,


João Gregório,

Nicholas DiFrancisco,

James Franxman,


Matt Jeffers,


Casey Hillrud,

Robert Bland,

Jeff Turner,

Michael Curry,

Mitchell Towne,


Matt Huss,

Kyle Sorensen,

Dominic Forte,


Eric Baird Wahlquist,

Albert Filice,

Tom Page,

Huy Do,

Tony Patton,

Michael Davis Jr.,

Jerod Buxton,

Jason briese,

Jeremy Perez,


Mike Richardson,


Gregory Kennedy,

John Green,

Jarrod Symons,

Danny Stolfa,

Isaac Eddington,

Joseph Rivera,

Andres Cruz-Wellmann,

colin moore,

Brent Young,

HJ Whiskersmith,

Jim M. Mason,

Mai Kim,

Jacob Tuyls,

Sam (the Great) Christensen,


Adam Coll,

Lucas Domiciano,

Rob Samuelson,

Patrick Pechette,

Jackson Harper,


Jason Barton,

Tanya Willis,

John Charles Thompson III,

Jesse Hollenweger,

Robbie Taylor,

Blane Ward,


Chris white,

Shawn Henderson,

Marcia Lee,

Ruben Jervell Pettersen,

Max Morter,

Thomas Landerman,

William Grimsley,

Matheus Muniz,

Nick Burgess,

Josh Northcutt,

Dedrick Slaughter,

Miles Heaton,


Matt Ledsome,



helmut schueler,

Treveon kerel Edwards,

kyle macdonald,

Johnathan Kuzyk,

Charles Kingsley MacAllen,

Jason Vickers,


Steve Myrah,

Zev Miklethun,


Timothy Lewis,

Jared Huayta,

jeff barry,

Rhett Watson,


Sage Barrett,

Daniel Swiatek,

Michelle Obama,

Wouter Tuybens,

Seppel Morfeld,


Payton Young,

Javier Vázquez,

JP Bojorquez G.,



Nathan Zonnevylle,

Dusty Klinect,

Andreas Foldager,

Connor B,


  1. Abraham Lincoln was said to have grown a beard because an 11-year-old girl named Grace Bedell wrote to him, saying that he would look better with one.

  2. Dreadly:

    “Refuse to shave until you end the recession. Refuse to shave until our current conflicts have been resolved. ”

    You are so right! I’m going to sign the petition now.

  3. Coach Adam, do you realize that you made a petition within a petition and you should actually file it with the us petition board? I have many a friend who has been turned down for a job because of his facial hair, and quite frankly I find it repulsive that they can get away with this in america, the country of personal freedom. and as you stated there have been great presidents with beards, my personal favorite being Lincoln, and just think as a child would you have wanted to sit on santas lap if he didnt have that jolly, beautiful beard, no! but one of the most important historical figures that I can name that had a beard was Jesus Christ himself,(where my beard inspiration came from, along with Opies beard in Sons of anarchy, both equally amazing beards). Am I the only patriot and former soldier that finds it offensive that we cannot work in a country that was run by great men with beards because we have one, I hope not.

  4. I think any president should do this. Hell, I think we should go back to the days of every man having a beard unless he disgraced himself, at which point he shaved it in shame to show that he wasn’t a man until he atoned.

  5. I Obama would look very distinguished in a beard.

    Coach Adam thank you for your devotion to the beard-wearing community, eh? I feel I can safely say that all us Beard wearing Canadians support a bearded Obama!

  6. Coach Adam, thank you for this inpiring and important website.
    I have signed your petition.

    On behalf of my bearded freinds in Norway I salute you!

    – bearded brother Tore Audun Serkved from Skien, Norway

  7. I just posted a link to this on my face book saying:

    Bearded and non-bearded friends alike, please take your precious time and help me and all those whom are bearded.


    Too long has beard discrimination happened in workplace, too long have we bearded men been seen as lazy and undesirable in the world of the working man. Please, I implore you to take your time and sign this open letter to the president to help end this heartless treatment of my, and all the other bearded mens beard(s) alike.

    I hope this makes a difference

  8. I read your beard manifesto and for the first time I am growing a beard, don’t know what is going to happen but here I go.
    Hope Obama follow your advice!

  9. “Refuse to shave until you end the recession. Refuse to shave until our current conflicts have been resolved. ”

    wow, Obama’s beard would grow to be super long… because I don’t think either of things will happen soon. War is to profitable for the corporations that pull the strings on the puppets in DC.

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