Hipster Beards Dirtier Than Toilets?

by Coach Adam in Beard News

C’mon, Man!!!

What the follicle is this crap?! https://www.lebonbon.co.uk/lifestyle/not-sexy-hipster-beards-dirtier-toilets/

Number one reason you don’t need to listen to this: The site is called Le BonBon.  Pretty sure there aren’t too many beard experts on staff.

Number two reason: They didn’t even link to the “study” they cited as basis for the article.  About 1.5 seconds of Google searching turned up this article from the Daily Mail (a scientific powerhouse).  Again, no “study” linked.  Just some speculation from some beard-hatin’ lady.  If you can manage not to TL;DR this stuff, you’ll see the article ends with an actual expert on bacteria saying beards contain the same bacteria as you have on your skin.

Article one of anecdotal evidence that beards aren’t germ-harboring sick makers: I’ve had a beard for over a decade.  I work in a public school with kids sneezing and hacking germs all over the place.  I get maybe two colds per winter that last a few days each.

Article two of anecdotal evidence: My wife rarely gets sick either.  Apparently kissing a bearded man (on a daily basis even) will not make you curl up in the fetal position on the couch with body aches, a fever, and the need to watch 90’s coming-of-age movies.

Could those articles just be lame attempts to use the current popularity of beards to drive some traffic to their site via shocking gross-out tactics and gratuitous photos of sexy-as-hell bearded men?


And here’s the real reason why beard bacteria is a non-issue.  You’re almost all bacteria anyway!  That’s right.  Only about 10% of the cells in your body are actual human cells.  The other 90% are bacteria, my friend.  Oh, I’m making this up?  How about this article from an actual science-y source.


Let the beard haters hate.  Me and all my bacterial crew are gonna keep our hairy chins up.


Just Let Them Grow!

by Coach Adam in Beard News

Bearded Brethren –

Our collective voice is needed!  The time has come for beard discrimination – Beardscrimination – to end!  My man Shane is working from his deep-seated beliefs that the hairs on a man’s face are not an indicator of his trustworthiness or his academic prowess.

Brigham Young University has long held the beard in contempt for unknown reasons.  I even wrote about this ridiculousness in my Beard Manifesto (download here) waaaaaaay back in the year 2009.

You can do your part by promoting the movement’s website and takng part in its efforts to make the beard acceptable to the “Powers That Be” at BYU.   http://www.bikeforbeards.com

It also wouldn’t hurt just to point out that this is what Brigham Young – the namesake of the beardless university looked like.

Brigham Young c.1870

Brigham Young c.1870

Really, BYU?  What this non-Mormon is picking up is a lot of hypocrisy.  Maybe it’s time for an about-face on this policy.  An about-bearded-face.


Happy Birthday, Beard!

by Coach Adam in Beard News

beard cupcakes

Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you – Happy biiiiiirthday, dear Beard.  Happy birthday to you!

Beard, you’re ten years old today!  Ten years old!  You’re no longer a small child beard, but you haven’t yet gotten to the strange pre-teen stage where angst and drama could begin to burst forth at any moment.  Nope, you’re comfortable with who you are and you know what you like.

You like staying pretty long, but not epic length.  Just long enough for people to notice you and wonder, “Where are that hipster’s horn-rimmed glasses?  And why isn’t he wearing chukkas?  Maybe his anchor tattoo is covered up by his sleeve.”

You like waving in a good strong breeze.  Like a noble flag.  Made of hair.

You like taking a dip in the water in the summer so that the air can cool my face in the most refreshing way.

Occasionally you get a wild hair (see what I did there!) to be trimmed close to my face.  Only for you to hear my wife accost me for harming you.  Even though you asked for it.

We have so much fun together, Beard!  Remember these classic moments?

– Losing that pie eating contest, but looking so awesome when we were done that everyone wanted our picture

– Road tripping in the Florida Keys.  Just you and me and Albert, the ’82 diesel Benz.

– Being so majestic-looking at my wedding that the photographer used our photos as his promotional materials for a while.

The list could go on.  But you know that.  You’re my beard!

Deciding to grow you way back when was such a simple yet life-changing event.  I’d grown beards before only to tire of them.  I wasn’t ready.  I wasn’t ready for the responsibility, the expectations placed upon the Bearded.  Finally at the age of 26, I grew you, and rather than shirk the new demands to represent the epitome of manliness and exile you to the sink in a dismal mass of shaving cream and stubble, I chose to keep you, Beard.  And I’m a better man for it.

Happy tenth birthday, buddy.  Here’s to the next ten.


The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Beardful Journey

hobbit dwarves poster

The Coach’s Wife and I went to the movies for the first time in about a year and graced the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with our rare presence.  I am a huge fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings films so I had high hopes for an amazing adventure.  And adventure was indeed on tap throughout the film.  And you know what else was on tap?  Beards.

One word to describe the film.  One word to describe the beards.  EPIC.

Of course, one has to expect that a film about dwarves is going to have its fair share of bearded faces.  Small, swarthy, bearded faces.  But kudos to the crew that designed the look of the dwarves in this film.  Amazing beard artistry.  Let’s look at a few, shall we?


balin hobbit

Yes!  Gargantuan white beard!  That is the puffiest, fluffiest beard ever.  It’s like it floats on its own – hovering just above the chest. An opalescent beard blimp soaring to new heights of amazingness.


bifur hobbit dwarf

Wow!  Look at that salt-and-pepper monstrosity! Each row of each braid alternating the salt with the pep.  Is that even possible in real life?  Probably not.  That’s why this is a fantasy movie, people.  A beard fantasy movie.


Bombur hobbit dwarf

Ginger tiiiiiiiiiiiime!  Look at this majestic imperial partial beard.  Look at that braid!  What is that?  Some giant red furry caterpillar draped across his chest?  It looks like some kind of Run DMC chain but instead of gold, it’s made of beard.  Someone, please rock this red caterpillar chain beard in real life.  Jack Passion, I’m looking at you, brother.


dori hobbit dwarf

Woah, this situation is more complex than Israeli-Palestinian relations!  It’s like these braids and sleek loose hairs are each claiming Dori’s dome (of the rock) as their own.  The braids clearly claim the head as home, but it seems that the sleek hairs are sequestered to the beard area.  Until you see the little settlement of braids under his chin…


nori hobbit dwarf

Look at this – his beard braids have to be shackled up in order to control their awesomeness!  It’s like a three-headed beast.  A Cerberus of beards.  What would happen should the restraints fail?  Utter bearded chaos.  Little whip-like braid ends flailing about in a whirlwind of hirsute fury!  (Oh, and don’t forget to take a closer look at that cowboy hat.  A little secret: it’s hair.)


oin hobbit dwarf

Aww yeah.  Another fantastic graybeard.  I enjoy how it’s fuzzy to the max until you see the braids.  Looks like a little VO5 Hot Oil help did the trick there.  Against the backdrop of frizzy goodness stands a veritable caduceus twisting its way up from his chin to his nostrils.

There you have them.  What just might be the greatest beards known to modern cinema.  Yes, there were more dwarves, but disappointingly they sport less than majestic beards.  And, sadly, the main dwarf characters are not included here due to their relative beard tameness.  But, alas, bearded characters greatly outnumber bald-faced ones in the film.  And that makes The Hobbit worth your time and money.


Coach Adam is Back!

by Coach Adam in Beard News

You know how you get all caught up in remodeling your bathroom and then all of a sudden it’s your daughter’s first birthday and then all of a sudden school is starting and you have to teach math to increased class sizes and then you crank out workdays like a boss and use your weekends for family fun and then you remember your beard website that you haven’t updated in months and then you check Google Analytics and see that an article was on Reddit and about 19000 people were at your page in one day and then you check your current traffic and like 1000 people a day are checking out your site and you check your website email address and people have been using the contact form and they’re like, “I can’t help but notice you haven’t posted in quite a while.”

Yeah.  It’s probably time to get back into beard blogging. Welcome back to the Internet, Me!