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Can’t Grow a Beard? Get A Beard Transplant

As beard coach, I receive many emails from people around the world lamenting that they can’t grow the beard they’ve always longed for. Maybe it’s too sparse, or it doesn’t link up the way they hoped it would.  These are sad stories, believe me, but the saddest of all… the ones that wet my beard with tears of compassion… are from those who can hardly sprout a handful of hairs on their chins. You can imagine my joy when I […]

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Have you developed a beard bald patch?

I recently received a comment here at The Beard Coach regarding bald patches in the beard.  However this did not pertain to the more common problem of having areas that just never really filled in as well as the rest of your beard.  This gentleman had already enjoyed a good 17 years of a thick, robust beard, only to find that he is slowly developing new bald patches in his beard on either side of his chin. You can imagine […]

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Why You Have A Patchy Beard

Let’s face the cold truth.   A lot of guys have patchy beards.  Beards that they are not exactly pleased with.  Beards they wouldn’t write home about.  Now, I have a deep love for all beards, thick and thin, but having a patchy beard is a huge deterrent to growing one for a lot of guys. In an effort to find biological reasons for your patchy beard, and hopefully a nice natural fix, I researched many scientific articles that frankly were […]

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