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Hipster Beards Dirtier Than Toilets?

C’mon, Man!!! What the follicle is this crap?! https://www.lebonbon.co.uk/lifestyle/not-sexy-hipster-beards-dirtier-toilets/ Number one reason you don’t need to listen to this: The site is called Le BonBon.  Pretty sure there aren’t too many beard experts on staff. Number two reason: They didn’t even link to the “study” they cited as basis for the article.  About 1.5 seconds of Google searching turned up this article from the Daily Mail (a scientific powerhouse).  Again, no “study” linked.  Just some speculation from some beard-hatin’ lady. […]

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Brigham Young c.1870

Just Let Them Grow!

Bearded Brethren – Our collective voice is needed!  The time has come for beard discrimination – Beardscrimination – to end!  My man Shane is working from his deep-seated beliefs that the hairs on a man’s face are not an indicator of his trustworthiness or his academic prowess. Brigham Young University has long held the beard in contempt for unknown reasons.  I even wrote about this ridiculousness in my Beard Manifesto (download here) waaaaaaay back in the year 2009. You can […]

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beard cupcakes

Happy Birthday, Beard!

Happy birthday to you – Happy birthday to you – Happy biiiiiirthday, dear Beard.  Happy birthday to you! Beard, you’re ten years old today!  Ten years old!  You’re no longer a small child beard, but you haven’t yet gotten to the strange pre-teen stage where angst and drama could begin to burst forth at any moment.  Nope, you’re comfortable with who you are and you know what you like. You like staying pretty long, but not epic length.  Just long […]

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hobbit dwarves poster

The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Beardful Journey

  The Coach’s Wife and I went to the movies for the first time in about a year and graced the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with our rare presence.  I am a huge fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings films so I had high hopes for an amazing adventure.  And adventure was indeed on tap throughout the film.  And you know what else was on tap?  Beards. One word to describe the film.  One word to […]

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