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The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Beardful Journey

  The Coach’s Wife and I went to the movies for the first time in about a year and graced the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with our rare presence.  I am a huge fan of Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings films so I had high hopes for an amazing adventure.  And adventure was indeed on tap throughout the film.  And you know what else was on tap?  Beards. One word to describe the film.  One word to […]

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Best Flower Ever: Bearded Iris

Yeah, man!  That flower has a beard! My mom was talking to me about bearded irises this early spring, and I was getting all pumped thinking about a flower with a beard.  She was like, “We have some in our yard.”  And I was like, “That’s awesome!  I wish I had such an amazing flower in my own yard.” Well, lo and behold, this spring what flowers sprang up right next to my deck?  And all around the damn neighborhood? […]

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NFL Beard Playoff Kickoff

A Beard Coach reader graciously  sent me a link to a video on NFL.com that lists their top ten beards of all time.  I can’t embed it here, so take a moment and watch it HERE (opens in new window). I’ve taken their top ten beards and put them in a bracket according to their ranking in the video.  Each round will get a week of voting here at the Beard Coach.  Voting for each round will run Sunday to […]

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Beard Music: Adam Samples – Ride

Yep, old Coach Adam plays a little music every so often. And I have my first solo album coming out soon!  I guess I’d have to describe my brand of beard rock like this: Take two cups of traditional folk songs add a cup of fat 70’s blues-rock.  Stir well.  Whisk in a tablespoon of historical fiction, a teaspoon of blue-eyed soul, and a dash of female background vocals.  That pretty much bakes up my first E.P. album as a […]

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5 Bearded Costume Ideas for Halloween 2011

Gentlemen, it’s time for the most useful Beard Coach post of the year.  Halloween has always been a time of tribulation for me as a bearded man.  It always takes hours of just sitting and thinking to come up with a decent costume idea.  Fortunately, I’ve done that thinking five times over just for you – just as I’ve done the previous two years (2009 ideas – 2010 ideas). #1 The Most Interesting Man in the World Items Needed: Black […]

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