The Five Most Popular Beard Shapes

The beard is most definitely making a come back in the twenty-first century.  It was all the rage in the 19th century both in Europe and the United States.  Unfortunately the beard fell out of favor in the twentieth century, except for a period of significant counterculture in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  To keep this pattern going, it only makes sense that the beard will return to prominence this century.  In order to help you not only to be a part of the coming wave, but also to innovate in the world of beard fashion, here we will take a look at the five most popular current beard shapes.

Number 1: The Urban Beard
You have seen this beard on many hip-hop artists and other urbanites.  It consists of a very fine line that connects to the hair and traces the jaw line around to the chin, finally connecting to an equally finely trimmed mustache.  This beard says, “I’m down with the beard, but I’m about to look like Rick Rubin.”

Number 2: The Van Dyke
This partial beard has been in style for nearly two decades now.  You probably have a co-worker with this beard, that is, if you don’t already have it yourself.   The Van Dyke consists of hair grown on the chin (commonly known as the goatee) that connects to a mustache.  I have also heard this look called “the moatee,” being a blend of the words “mustache” and “goatee.”  This look says, “Hey, I’m sort of edgy, when I’m not parsing code in my cubicle.”

Number 3: The Stubble Look
I’m not sure if this can really count as a beard, since it really just looks like you forgot to shave over the weekend.  It was popularized by George Michael in the video for “Faith.”  This beard style says, ”I am so rugged.  I’m too busy kayaking over waterfalls and driving my Jeep to properly shave.”

Number 4: The Closely Cropped Full Beard
Consisting of hair covering the cheeks, chin, and lip, this may be the ultimate beard for the twenty-first century man.  It can range in length from one-quarter of an inch to one-inch.  It is easily maintained with a electric beard trimmer, and it looks good with a suit.  When you wear this beard, you are saying, “I care about my looks, but I’m not afraid to change the game, baby”

Number 5: The Natural
Not many guys who aren’t homeless or Amish can pull this one off.  It’s probably best left to the rock stars and celebrities who suffer mental breakdowns. This beard is like number 4 above if left to its own devices.  A length of three inches plus is a must.  This final beard on the list lets people know, “I don’t give a damn what you think.  I look awesome.”

So there it is.  The top five beard shapes of the twenty-first century.  All that’s left to do is pick one and go for it!

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