Best Beard = Best Triple Double

james harden beard

One of my favorite NBA players just established a new level of greatness, as epically bearded men tend to do. James Harden dropped 60 POINTS on his way to a triple double tonight against the Orlando Magic. No player registering a triple double has ever done so with 60 POINTS in the scoring column.

Of course, Mr. Harden created high drama and entertainment value by surpassing Calvin Murphy’s team scoring record of 57 points in a game. So he set the scoring record on a night where he also grabbed 10 rebounds and dished 11 assists. Nutso.

Even better, it’s not like he was straight ball-hogging and throwing up 100 shots. Harden’s stat line is 19 of 30 (63%) shooting, with 5 of 14 (36%) from three, and an outstanding 17 of 18 (94%) on one-pointers.

Big thanks for my man James Harden for bringing bearded excellence to the game of basketball!

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