Bearded Baristas

I’m not sure there’s a single thing that goes together better these days than a beard and coffee.



As a bearded man and a coffee lover, I can’t think of a better combination. The coffee house has a history of being a place where people can gather to discuss intellectual topics – a bearded man’s favorite pastime. Free-market capitalism versus state-run communism. String theory versus the standard model of particle physics. What is the appropriate federal interest rate given current domestic inflation versus the instability of global markets?

People, the idea that information is simply an application of entropy has been up for debate over countless espressos, cappuccinos, flat whites, and red-eyes.

The coffee house has historically been a place of free exchange of ideas and of friendly debate. How this institution managed to exist during the anti-beard years boggles the mind. I chalk the lasting draw of the coffee house through the non-bearded times solely to the sitcom Friends. Thank the Arabica Gods that we can now get back to intellectual discussion that could change our understanding of the world rather than simply hoping Gunther would finally land Rachel.

Lastly, in the spirit of my bearded hipster brethren pictured above, I am announcing my entry into the bearded coffee world by sharing my cold brew coffee maker with the faithful Beard Coach readership.

Behold the Coldbroo… created by the company your bearded brother Coach Adam founded – Broo Coffee Goods. If you consider yourself a seriously bearded 21st century gentleman… you need to grab this thing and start drinking cold brew coffee.

The next major intellectual revolution will happen over a cold brew coffee drink… mark my words!


  1. Ha! One of the best articles on here, and almost a cliché to a fault, but still all good. Only this site could fit string theory in an article about beards and coffee, Adam. Right on!

  2. Great article, Adam. As a fellow beardsman and coffee addict (especially cold brew) I’ll definitely check out your Broo Coffee Goods :)

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