Coach Adam is Back!

Dec 18th, 2012 by Coach Adam in Beard News

You know how you get all caught up in remodeling your bathroom and then all of a sudden it’s your daughter’s first birthday and then all of a sudden school is starting and you have to teach math to increased class sizes and then you crank out workdays like a boss and use your weekends for family fun and then you remember your beard website that you haven’t updated in months and then you check Google Analytics and see that an article was on Reddit and about 19000 people were at your page in one day and then you check your current traffic and like 1000 people a day are checking out your site and you check your website email address and people have been using the contact form and they’re like, “I can’t help but notice you haven’t posted in quite a while.”

Yeah.  It’s probably time to get back into beard blogging. Welcome back to the Internet, Me!