Bye Bye BeardWiki!

Sad news for the beard community today.  I received an email from my hosting service that I had a database that exceeded the size limit laid out in their Terms of Service.

They wanted to shut down the Beard Coach!!!

So I logged in to see what database was causing all the ruckus.  Turns out it was the one for the BeardWiki.  It had grown to be ginormous without my knowledge.  So I deleted it, thus destroying what I thought was a great idea at the time.

“But wait, Coach Adam,” you say, “That’s so much beard knowledge!  You can’t just delete that!”

If only that were the case my friend.  You see, the wiki was not the repository of beard knowledge that I had hoped it would become.  Sure, one or two people were able to create some pages, and for that I’m am ever grateful.  But sadly, the dreaded Indian Paid Poster caught wind of the BeardWiki and filled it with spam for Indian dating services and prescription med sites.  The BeardWiki was like some unsuspecting samosa waiting to be filled with deliciously seasoned spinach and potatoes only to find itself crammed full of rancid paneer and dog shit.

Thanks, guys!