NFL Beard Playoff Kickoff

A Beard Coach reader graciously  sent me a link to a video on that lists their top ten beards of all time.  I can’t embed it here, so take a moment and watch it HERE (opens in new window).

I’ve taken their top ten beards and put them in a bracket according to their ranking in the video.  Each round will get a week of voting here at the Beard Coach.  Voting for each round will run Sunday to Saturday.  Look for the first round to be up for voting this Sunday.

Spread the word… get your whole beard crew to vote.  Let’s see who has the greatest NFL beard according to actual beard aficionados!

Click the bracket below for a closer look.

NFL Beard Playoff Bracket


  1. I agree that Brett Kiesel has an epic beard. I kinda thought it was a bit tacky the way they seemed to be poking fun at all those guys who had beards. Maybe it was jealousy :) Not a one of ’em look bad. Brett Kiesel though really does have an epic beard.

    1. I was put off by the way the commentators were poking fun at the beard. But by the end of the segment, they were kind of into it.

      Keisel’s beard is epic, but is it the best NFL beard ever? We’ll have to see how the voting plays out!

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