Beard Trimmer Recommendation

Several guys have emailed recently asking for a beard trimmer recommendation.  Rather than reply to each one individually, I thought that this might be a good “coachable moment” for everyone in need of a decent beard trimmer.  Especially now that we are in the thick of a hot, hot summer.  I’ll bet many a man has forsaken his beard under the pressure of triple-digit heat.  Thinking about it is enough to make a man weep.

I urge anyone thinking about cutting off their beard this summer to consider taking the middle path and simply trim it shorter for the next couple months.  By the time winter blows back into town, your beard will be back to its original fullness and you will be a happy man.

Anyway, here is the beard trimmer I use.

norelco trimmer

The Philips Norelco G370.  Affordable.  Versatile.  Stunning.

It comes with five interchangeable attachments that each take care of different grooming tasks.  The one that is meant to see the most use is the one you see attached to the body in the photo.  It has an adjustable, removable guard with nine length settings.  Number nine leaves about an inch behind.  If you are looking to keep a bit more length, there is another attachment that is marketed as one you could use to cut your own head hair.  I’m not brave enough for that, but it does leave a nice length on the facial hair – maybe an inch and a quarter.

It also comes with a more narrow head for trimming your moustache.  This is the most used head on my trimmer simply because I like to keep my moustache off my lip, and that requires more frequent trimming than my beard.

You also get an attachment that’s meant to shave your non-beard whiskers back to skin level and one that appears to be for trimming your nose hairs.  I can’t say I’ve used either of these, but I know my dad has a dedicated nose hair trimmer and would be pumped about that attachment.

There you you have it.  The Coach’s own trimmer can be yours.  Why not buy it right now!?


  1. Hey,

    I love the website. My question is:

    Do you go against the grain or do you go with it. In other words to do go from say your mouth down to your chin or vice versa? I’ve been looking for a decent trimmer and this might be it. I have a Long Goatee and Mustache combo that always looks a bit messy unless I really go crazy with the scissors instead!

    1. Hi Jim,
      Glad you enjoy the website… thanks for visiting! When I trim with an electric trimmer, I start by going against the grain. Then to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I also run the clippers across the grain as well.

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