Register for the National Beard and Moustache Championships

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That’s right, folks.  The second annual Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships are coming.  This epic event will be held October 8, 2011, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

It going to be an awesome weekend.  It all starts with a chance to “go Amish” and attend Amish camp on Thursday October 6.  You’ll live and work with the Amish, eschewing electricity and admiring their classic beards.  If an entire camp sounds intimidating, but you still want to chance to hobnob with the Amish, there is a Meet The Amish dinner on Friday night.  And if you don’t feel like giving up the modern lifestyle at all, there a brewery tour organized for Friday during which you will sample the great local beers that Lancaster County has to offer.  In addition to these great preliminary festivities, there will also be the First Annual Whiskerinas Ladies’ Beard and Moustache Competition.  Awesome?!

The main event kicks off with a Beard Parade at high noon on Saturday, followed by the competition at 1 pm.

Sunday promises the annual Beard Team USA meeting and picnic.

What a weekend, right?!  For more information on activities and competition categories or to register your beard to compete visit the Beard Team USA website. Did I mention the top prize is five thousand bills?