College Girl Beard Admiration?

So I was sitting at a stop light this evening with my lovely pregnant wife in the car with me.  We were on the way home from sharing dinner with friends who had also bequeathed lots of great baby gear to us.  We were feeling great, having a little car snuggle and thinking about our baby on the way.

Suddenly I spot a large white SUV, possibly a GMC Yukon, laden with what appeared to be college-aged young women (not uncommon in Ann Arbor, a college town).  They were turning left from a main road onto the road where we were first in line to turn left onto the main road.  If you can picture that particular vehicular arrangement (USA driving rules, for my British and former British readers), you’ll realize that Sorority Yukon passed mere inches from my front driver’s-side bumper .

As the truckload of ladies navigated the turn and started to accelerate past I heard two words .





My wife and I looked at each other.  What just happened?  It was like a bomb went off or something.  Were they serious?  Was it all in jest?  Who could tell from such a instantaneous interaction?

“Damn right it’s a nice beard,” I replied to my wife.

“It’s my beard,” she replied as she kissed me on the cheek.

My mind is currently filled with two main thoughts on the matter.  Number one, could those girls really have respected a good beard?  I saw a music video today (which rarely happens now that I’m in my thirties) with some hip-hop guy rapping on some rooftop and another guy singing an emotional refrain and banging on a piano.  Pretty standard stuff except for the fact that Piano Guy had a great beard!  Maybe beards are okay to younger people now.  Maybe my beard really was respected.

My second thought is… damn I hope my new daughter doesn’t end up riding around in some gargantuan truck with some other hot chicks (probably drunk on a Wednesday at 8 p.m.) disrespecting the robust beards of grown-ass men enjoying a car snuggle with their pregnant wives!  I’ll have to give her a talk about that in about 18 years…

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