Beard Music: Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days

Welcome to the first in what I plan to be a continuing series of posts on Beard Music.  What is Beard Music, you ask?  It’s hard to define, much like love or truth, ever changing its form – yet always remaining pleasing.  It slices across numerous traditional genres like a furry blade of greatness.

I’ve never written music reviews before, so I’m pretty lost as to how to describe an album to you.  Although I’m a musician, I find it hard to speak about “production values” and “lyricism.”  Instead, I’ll try to write a little vignette that gives what I think is roughly the same feeling as the album.  If all else fails, you can certainly listen to the samples below or even buy the album on my recommendation!

I’m kicking off the series with what might be my favorite album by one of my all time favorite artists.

Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron and Wine

Dark night out in the country where no streetlights mar the inky sky.  Crickets chirp loudly trying to crowd out the squealing cicadas to dominate this evening’s soundtrack.  Fireflies wink seductively from the soft grassy yard trying to coax you out of your nylon-strapped aluminum folding chair on the mossy brick patio behind the old farmhouse.  The veil of thick warm air is broken as you feel something cool and smooth tap your bare arm.  Look left to find your uncle passing you the nearly empty bottle of Jim Beam.  Take a swig and pass it on to Granddad to finish up.  Through the whiskey blur the three of you contemplate the cause of the fierce orange glow just past the tree line a couple hundred yards away.

Morning finds the white hand-stitched curtains waving good morning, aloft on the clean, grassy air of a new summer day.  Comforting warmth of your wife’s arm seeps into yours, and you can’t help but notice the way the quilt mounds up and over her belly.  Your hand ventures through the sheets to steal a rub of the taut skin surrounding that beautiful roundness, but the roughness of your calluses is enough to bring your love into the day with you.  Bleary eye contact and well-aimed kiss celebrate another day together.


  1. I bought this album for two reasons:
    1) Such Great Heights by him is amazing
    2) the cover art 😀

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