USA Wins Six Golds at World Beard and Moustache Championships!

If this doesn’t inspire you to grow a beard, something is wrong with you.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships were held in Trondheim, Norway two weekends ago.  I would have loved to attend, but number one, I had to work at my real job, and number two, getting to and staying in Norway is expensive!  I was thrilled to hear that Beard Team USA brought home six golds, one behind the overall winner Germany.  Now, it may not surprise you to hear it, but those Germans take their beard-growing very seriously.  In fact, they invented the WBMC, invented the categories, have hosted a great many of the competitions, and pretty much dominated the scene… until the last competition held in Anchorage, Alaska, in 2009.

The 2009 WBMC saw the Americans burst onto the scene with a whopping ten golds and the overall champion!  Home field advantage, maybe, but that rocked the beard competition scene something fierce!   We even topped the highly-competitive Full Natural category thanks to the eye-popping red beard of Jack Passion, whom I interviewed awhile back.

Our six golds this year broke down into three golds for beards/partial beards and three for moustaches.  Now, this being a beard-centric site, I’m the most excited about the beard victories.  Although I give a respectful tip of the hat to the dapper gents who won the moustache categories: Bruce Roe (Hungarian Moustache), Keith “Ghandi Jones” Haubrich (three-peat in the Freestyle Moustache), and Giovanni Dominice (Imperial Moustache).

Without further adieu, here are your beard winners this year!

john myatt

John Myatt (Verdi Category) – Actually a silver medal winner, but I had to include that beard in this post.  I mean look at it!  So red!  The moustache… so curly!  This dude looks like some kind of leg-breaker from Gangs of New York.  John hails from the Northern Los Angles chapter of Beard Team USA.

bill mitchell

Bill Mitchell (Partial Beard Freestyle) – Gold medal partial beard!  I’m not sweating the bald chin here.  The amazingness of the gray swirly sides more than make up for it.  I’ve noticed that gray beards do very well in competition.  If you’ve gone gray and never grown a beard, now is probably the time to start.  You may even find yourself competing in the 2013 championships!

burke kenny

Burke Kenny (Full Beard Styled Moustache) – That may be the longest moustache I’ve ever seen.  Burke is about to poke himself in the eyeballs with his own damn moustache!  Insane.  This beard was the 2007 category winner, but was overthrown in Anchorage.  Thank God this thing was restored to its rightful place among the mighty.

rooty lundvahl

Rooty Lundvahl (Full Natural) – This picture comes to us from an alternate universe where Einstein had a giant beard.  Not really.  It’s actually Rooty (not Rudy, dammit) Lundvahl, the man who upset Jack Passion for the Full Natural title this year!  Like I said before, this is the hottest category at the WBMC, and the winner here really should be just as revered as the overall winner.  This is the award for those who can just let their beard do what it wants and use their talents to groom it into a thing of beauty.  No trimming, no styling.  Just pure unadulterated beard.  Congrats, Rooty!  U.S.A.!  U.S.A.!  U.S.A.!

So what beard could best Rooty’s white stallion for the overall title?










elmar weisser moose beard

There’s a damn elk in his beard!  Say what?!!!   o_O

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