Super Bowl Commercial Beards

I have to say that this year’s Super Bowl was a really entertaining one to watch, all around.  The game was good, halftime was not bad for a pop performance, and lots of commercials were really good.  By the end of the night, it hit me that the main reason I enjoyed this year’s event was the surprisingly large number of beards to be seen.  From Roethlisberger to the guy in the previous post, Kiesel, there were beards all over the field.  Not only that, but there were more bearded characters in the commercials than ever before.

Is the beard finally rising to it’s proper place in society?  I can’t help but think that if major corporations are comfortable using beards to drive their profits, then we may be at the turn of the tide.  Let’s rejoice in some of the ads that featured at least a minor bearded character!

(Note: By posting these advertisements, I am in no way attempting to promote or recommend the products to you.)

CarMax – “Kid in a Candy Store”

Double beard! Watch for the bearded wrestler with the folding chair and the old bearded hippie near the end. – “Go First”

There are too many beards in the first scene of this commercial to count!  Actually, I think it’s five.  Then we get a bonus beard on the cowboy near the end.  But, why does he have to be the one to get arrowed?

Best Buy – Beiber and Ozzy

Beiber-beard!  I heard that a lot of people didn’t get the joke that it’s actually Justin Beiber in a fake beard at the end of this commercial.  Seriously, America?!

Coca-Cola – “Border”

One of the military men guarding some vaguely Central Asian border has a great salt-and-pepper beard… and a jaunty tuft on the top of his hat!

Snickers – “Logging”

Although it’s an unoriginal retread of last year’s concept, at least Richard Lewis’s real form is a burly-as-all-get-out lumberjack.  The beard on the guy that hands off the Snickers isn’t too shabby either!

Chevy Volt – “Discovery”

Two outstanding beards in this one!  First we get a glimpse of a nice bushy beard on one of Ben Franklin’s assistants.  Then we get a luxurious long beard on the computer innovator.  Chevy, you know the way to my heart… to bad I’m waiting for the electric Ford Focus.