Man Eats His Own Beard

A ghastly headline for a ghastly tale.  Unbelievable but true, the man in the video you are about to watch was indeed forced to eat his own beard.  In an apparent riding lawnmower deal gone wrong, a couple of drunk country fellers cut off this guy’s beard and made him eat it at knife and/or gun point.

Friends, this gut-wrenching story of heartache comes from none other than my home state that I love so much, Kentucky.  We may not all be beard-eatin’, lawnmower-sellin’ giants, but this story is a good example to others just how crazy my home state is and why you just have to love its crazy characters.

(If you can’t understand this guy, let me know and I’ll translate a transcription.  I still speak the language pretty well.)


  1. Truly a horrifying tale.

    I just found the site while looking for tips on defining a neck line, and it is pretty awesome. I’m just over 2 weeks into my 3rd No-Shave November, and this is the first time my beard has looked full enough for me to consider keeping it. Huzzah! Hopefully it will continue to improve so I can stay warm this winter!

  2. Coach Adam,

    I too am a bearded native of Kentucky. So I share the pain of this man’s loss, and our combined love/hate relationship with the homeland’s rich culture. Keep up the good work!

    BITBB (Brother in the Beard Bond)

    1. When you’re from the birthplace of bourbon, you learn to expect a certain level of madness from the residents. Although I suspect those fellers just might partake in the manufacture and consumption of that ol’ mountain dew. And I don’t mean the sugary yellow soda…

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