Poor Form, Beard Coach

I shouldn’t toy with you like that.  Last post I said I was back in business, only to leave you hanging for another couple months.

You do not deserve this.

I’ve been so caught up in home buying that I have been all consumed by it.  I’m a bit obsessive that way.  But now my wife and I  have a great  house, and I’m trying not to spend every waking minute (and every dollar in my bank account) on fixing it up.  I need something else to focus on.  Back to beard writing, I say.  I found some great article and video ideas from readers like you in my dusty inbox.  A slight chill is creeping back into the air these days, and guys are thinking, “beards,” again.  And so am I.

Please take me back, baby.  I never meant to hurt you.  I won’t leave you hanging again.  I promise.


  1. Oh thank god!

    I just discovered this site and noticed the time tags on the posts. I was afraid it would be discontinued :(

    May the Beard be with you!

    1. No, I just got lazy. And my beard got shorter. Now it’s longer again and I’m back in business. It’s pretty clear that my interest in running the site is directly proportional to my own beard length.

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