Thanks for the hearty slap in the face!

Well, as you may have noticed, it’s been over a month and a half since I wrote my last piece for the Beard Coach.  I’d like to say that it’s because this summer has been crazy so far… My wife and I were in the Seattle area on vacation for 8 days and we’ve also been in the process of finding and buying our first house.

Unfortunately I think the real reason is that I’ve gotten a bit burned out on writing about beards.

I’d been putting off checking my Beard Coach emails even though things have finally settled down a bit in my personal life.  I guess I just felt like I’d run out of beard wisdom…

But my attitude just changed now that I finally read some of the last six weeks’ emails.  There were so many “thank you” notes from guys who had read some articles here and had found the inspiration to grow the longest beard they’d ever grown.  They had sent me pictures, baring their soul and a their beard insecurities looking for validation from an expert.  All in vain.  Because I had turned my back on my own mission.  Maybe I need to re-read my own Beard Manifesto.  Maybe I need to realize that this place is more than just a chance to have some stuff I’ve written be read by some other dudes.

A hearty thanks to Adam, Mark, Phillipe, Joe, and all the others who took the time to ask me a question or express gratitude over my past six weeks of laziness.  You’ll get your reply emails soon, my brothers.  Thanks for waking me up from my summer hibernation.  You know, maybe it’s because I trim my beard shorter in the summer that led me to this lowly state.  Maybe I should heed my own advice and start growing and showing my beard’s full force no matter the temperature.

The Beard Coach is back, suckers.


  1. Thank goodness! I’ve been checking back multiple times a week for ages, to no avail! Looking forward to it.

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