Your Moustache Affects Apparent Beard Fullness

It’s true!  I’ve done quite a bit of observational study on this issue and have come to this conclusion: the longer your moustache, the fuller your beard will be perceived.  You can leave your beard the same length it has always been.  If you want people to really be impressed by the fullness of your beard, all you have to do is let that ‘stache grow.

Let me speculate a bit as to the reason why.  I have to say that the robustness of a man’s beard is inversely proportional to the amount of his mouth left unobscured.  By that I mean, the less of your lips we can see, the bigger your beard seems.  The thing is, the hair on your chin has nothing to do with this!  Thus many people will look at your hidden mouth and think, “Dang, that’s a big beard!”  When in actuality the cheek and chin hairs may be barely longer than an electric trimmer guard.  I

Here’s how dedicated I am to your beard dedication.  I had a nice long moustache to compliment my beard just moments earlier. But to illustrate my point, I set my electric clippers to a 6 and knocked the ‘stache back, taking “before” and “after” pictures for your comparison.  As you can see from the pics below, the effect is most pronounced when the beard is viewed in profile; although, this could just be an attribute of my own beard and not a universal truth.  Keep in mind that I did not touch my beard at all between photos (although I could probably use a little tidying around the edges.)


coach adam long stachecoach adam long stache side


coach adam short stachecoach adam short stache side

What do you think?  Can you see a difference?

(Time to start growing that sweet ‘stache back…)


  1. I had a two week beard nicely trimmed for about 2 years and decided to let it grow out for the last two and a half months.I made a classic rookie mistake and thought I could “trim” my mustache late at night when I was bored and couldn’t sleep… I have been pretty good with the whole “when in doubt, grow it out” theory but couldn’t resist tonight… I ended up taking the curls out from my mustache and brought it to be about 10mm… My beard (at least at my chin) is roughly 2 inches. Trimming the beard is not an option so I’m just going to have to tough it out and wait the few weeks to get my stache back to where I want it to be. My reason for posting: I am upset and need moral support and encouragement that everything is going to be okay… :-/

  2. It all depends on the fullness and length of the beard. A full mustache should accompany a full beard unless you prefer Abe Lincoln’s style. The bottom photo looks like a man who lost his mustache.

  3. How’s that moustache going? I’ve been growing my beard for a month now and I am really pleased with it. It’s never been this long and I want to see how much can it grow… Luckily it’s a very fast and caring beard. Its favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. Woah, that’s a well-read beard for sure.

  4. I think you’re on to something there. However, I find that I cannot stand to have hair curling down over my lip in a way I find so incredible on other dudes. Fact is, my moustache curls under my lip if I let it grow long enough and then it gets all spitty and I bite the hairs when I eat and snogging is a hairy mess. So far, no combing to the sides nor attempts to train it otherwise has worked. So, I keep it trimmed a bit like this:

    I WISH I could grow those big bushy moustachios I see so often!

    On a side note about beard care: Look into 100% pure coconut oil. You can cook with it, but a small amount on your paws rubbed into your beard after a shower is AMAZING for keeping things untangled and shiny and healthy. And water proof.

    1. What you need my friend is Moustache Wax. I have the same problem of hair curling under my lip. A little wax can tame the beast.

      A lot of wax and, Hey Presto! A nice handlebar.

      1. OK, so I tried the wax for a while. I ended up tasting wax and eating wax and worst of all FEELING wax all up in my face. The moustache would go where I wanted it to for about an hour, but after that, it just curled right up under my lip. I’m tellin’ ya’, my hairs are curly and the ones on the lip curl under into my mouf. I haven’t yet tried a straightening iron…

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