Outside Magazine Prints Some Beard Coach Wisdom

A recent issue of Outside magazine contained an “Editors’ Choice Awards” article in which the editors listed all the greatest things they could think of.  Some examples of things listed are sledding, PBR, great survivial stories, and rope swings.  However, it was number two on the list that caught my attention – winter beards.

Now anyone who has read my Beard Manifesto knows what I think of the winter beard.  And now so do the subscribers of Outside.  Because I wrote the editors and told them what’s up.  And guess what?  They recognized the wisdom and knew that it was worth sharing with their readers.

You’ll notice they chose not to cite me as the source (probably because they saw through my obvious efforts to sneak in free promotion for the site).  However, you’ll notice a certain original phrase I also used in The Manifesto.

So now, I present you with the first words from the Beard Coach ever published in a mainstream magazine.

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  1. It may have been a bit rude, but it gets the point across. If a man is going to do something, it ought to be “Root hog, or die!”

  2. That line is great, I laughed hard when I read it. Congratz on the media mention…I would be a little bent you didn’t get credit for it.

    I am an admitted winter beard guy..but hey…I’m doing it right part of the time huh?

    1. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t quote me by name. It may be because I signed the email as Coach Adam and blatantly listed the address for this site under my name. It was a thinly veiled attempt at free advertising that those clever bastards saw right through. Anonymity was the punishment handed down from the gods of Outside Magazine.

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