Hometown Beard Contest

My mom is obviously a big fan of The Beard Coach, and she’s a lover of beards in general.  Thus I was not entirely surprised when she sent me this article clipped from my hometown newspaper, The Gleaner.

Isn’t sending newspaper clippings one of the best things moms do?  It lets you know that she’s thinking about you and also gives you the opportunity to learn a little something at the same time.  It makes me a bit sad to think that with the decline of the printed news, my wife may not be able to send our future children newspaper clippings.  A link in an email just isn’t the same, but I guess it’ll have to do.

Anyway, if you enjoy reading about the amazing beard contest that was held in my little hometown back in the 1960s, leave a thank you to my mom in the comment section.

(click for a super close-up view)

Gleaner Beard Contest ArticleGleaner Beard Contest Article


  1. For future reference, whenever you scan paper that is printed double-sided, especially newspaper or magazines, use a piece of black poster board (or black construction paper in a pinch) placed behind the paper you’re scanning. Doing so will eliminate the bleed-through like the scan you did. I learned this tip from PC Magazine years ago.

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