Beard of the Month: April 2010

Joey F

Name: Joey “Punjab” F.

First beard grown at age: Around 17

How long have you had your current beard? 2.5 months

Why do you wear a beard? Because the bearded look suits me.  And beards are awesome.

What do you like best about being bearded? I just like the look of it.  A guy with a beard looks better than a guy without.

Briefly tell your favorite beard-related story. In my younger days I can remember when I had my first really full beard I ventured out to a local store. There was an older man that approached me and proceeded to tell me one of the dirtiest/funniest jokes that I’d ever heard.  I can’t remember what the joke was now, but I remember wondering why he decided to tell me of all people. It must have been the beard.

What is your best advice for guys who are currently trying to grow their first beard? Don’t give up.  I know that sometimes it feels like it’s going nowhere, just hang in there.