Which shirt should I offer?

Let me be honest.  I’m not rich.  Funding a print run for a t-shirt design costs me a fair amount of money up front, so it’s a big decision for me.

Why not use Cafe Press or another print-on-demand company to save costs?  Because I don’t want to offer less-than-amazing shirts to you.  I know the company I use provides a fantastic screen-printed product, and I’m not going to skimp on that.

Which brings me back to the issue… I need you, my dear Internet friend, to decide on a shirt design for me.  Please use the gallery below to vote the design you would most like to see on a t-shirt.  (By the way, the current beard shirt design is 20% off for a limited time! Yay!)

One comment

  1. While I live that sexy bottom lip in the logo, I think B is for Beard is the one I would actually wear.
    In m dream world, the logo (with no other text or anything) would be on the front left chest and the B is for Beard would be on the back.

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