Beard of the Month: March 2010

brother jason

Name: Brother Jason

First beard grown at age: 18

How long have you had your current beard? My beard has always existed. It chose me when I was ready to learn the way of the beard.  I experimented with goatees, fu man chus, but you can’t blame me, I was young and silly.  Its current and most eternal state came about 2 1/2 years ago.  I realized it was time to be a man and grow the full beard.  Once you see the light you realize full beard is the only
way to go.

Why do you wear a beard? That is like asking “Why do the birds sing, why is the sky blue?”  These things just are, Adam.

What do you like best about being bearded? It gives me a sense of pride.

Briefly tell your favorite beard-related story. The picture of the beard full o flowers that I would like to use as my profile pic…  That is the most photographed beard at the Rothbury music festival, summer ’09.

What is your best advice for guys who are currently trying to grow their first beard? With a great beard comes great responsibility.