Beard Grooming 101 – The Scissor Trim

This installment of my “how-to” video series addresses the issue of trimming your beard after it has gotten too long for the electric clippers.  Free-hand scissor trimming is a scary thing if you have never tried it before, and I hope this video will instill confidence and provide a couple tips based on how I trim my beard.

When you watch the video, you will notice that it looks as though I am not even cutting the hair.  This drives home the point I make about not taking too much off at once.  Just set aside a chunk of time and take it slowly.

Lastly, I apologize for the two-part video.  My memory card hit capacity before I was finished trimming, and a beard trimming video is definitely a one-take shoot.  Thanks for taking the time to watch both parts of the video to get the maximum benefit.

Okay, let’s get trimming!


  1. Yeah, thnx a lot Adam
    so easy and w/o the expense of buying gizmos
    so many are dumbed down, shamed and lazied so some machine can be sold
    beard grooming like many things such as child rearing and gardening takes time to tend tho it takes time to get the $$ to buy the machines……………

  2. Thanks for this site, no one ever taught me how trim my beard and somthing like this would have been nice 10 years ago.

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