How To Avoid Dry Skin Under Your Beard

I recently replied to an email from a newly-bearded gentleman who posed a question that I knew would be relevant to a lot of you guys.  Here’s the text of the email:

Hey boss,

I'm about three weeks into my beard growing excursion, and I've noticed though I have
extremely dry flaky skin under the beard, which was never an issue beardless, so
it's not a skin condition or anything. I was just wondering if you knew anything good
to help without rubbing big globs of moisturizer into it, as attractive as that is.

Thanks Alot,

Now, I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t had to deal with this myself, but I know Mike isn’t the only guy dealing with this issue.  I’m afraid that if I can’t help you find a way to avoid the dryness and the flakes, you’ll give up on those bearded dreams.  That would be a disaster!  What kind of coach would I be if I let that happen?  So I did a bit of research on the topic… and I’ve come up with three potential solutions to share with you.

Solution 1: Take a cooler shower

Man, nothing feels better than a long hot shower on a wintry day.  Too bad that steamy heat robs your skin of its natural oils.  It seems a bit counter-intuitive that water can dry out your skin, but that’s truly what happens.  So if your under-beard skin is feeling dried out, try turning the hot water knob a bit back to the right net time you shower.  Your solution could be as simple as that.

Solution 2: Stop soaping your beard

If you’ve just grown a beard, you are probably used to just washing your face with the same bar of soap you use for the rest of yourself.  If you’re a man of routine, you’re probably trying to keep up that habit even though your face has undeniably changed.  Using a cheap body soap on your beard can dry out the skin under it causing that unsightly flaking.  Do you use a bar of soap on your head?  Isn’t your beard made of hair too?  Make a new habit of putting a little extra shampoo in your hands and washing your beard along with your head hair.  It’s all connected, so it really makes a lot of sense.  If your regular shampoo doesn’t do the trick, you can step it up and try a different shampoo for your beard.  Find one that includes vitamin B or E.  A lot of times these are marketed as dandruff shampoos.  So even if you don’t have dandruff in the beard, don’t be afraid to use the old Head and Shoulders.

Solution 3: Completely dry your beard

For new beard wearers, it can be surprising how well those hairs retain moisture from your washing routine.  You can give your beard a little towel dry, and it will surprise you with a random drip a few minutes later.  If you have hard water this is problematic for your skin.  The minerals in hard water, if they linger, can be quite detrimental to your skin’s health.  So don’t just give your beard a quick little brush with the towel.  Really dig in there and fluff the hell out of it.  Even better, if you have the time, treat your beard to a little blow dry.  Pamper yourself.

There you go!  Three easy solutions to try if your under-beard skin gets a little dry and flaky.  If they work for you, leave a comment and let the rest of the bearded world know about your success!


  1. Safeguarding your skin when you workout, hit the gym or exercise is very important also.
    When you work out much more consistently, you enhance testosterone and beard development, yet you additionally increase sweating and also skin inflammation.
    To eliminate and counter act this issue, use Grizzly Adam Beard Wash in the shower every day. This will certainly not just keep your hair healthy and balanced, it will stimulate continued hair development.

    Whilst you are in the shower, apply the beard wash to the beard, leave the beard shampoo in your beard for a few minutes then rinse off before getting out. Using a gentle, paraben free beard wash and shampoo will naturally cleanse both face hair and also the susceptible skin underneath, leaving both beard and also face clean, soft, manageable and also smelling terrific.

    While greater levels of testosterone and also beard growth go together, you should incorporate these basic steps into your day-to-day regimen to aid the hair growth.

    Improving your diet, working out a lot more, applying product to the skin each day, and monitoring results is your best way to grow that beard you truly desire and avoid that dreaded dry skin underneath.

  2. As I type this I have been trying to remove the scaly and what looks like tiny silicone stones from my beard I’m 63yrs old but still want to look good ..the advice on this page is helpful and I will be trying them all,..what about coconut oil I thought about that when I read avocado ..natural is best ..I thing Greek men use pure olive oil,..anyway no-one mentioned the silicone bit’s and the watery stuff that oozes and goes hard what is that..or do I have an unusual skin problem,..due to injury I have to take a lot of pain killers etc ..does this cause the problem,..any help would be really appreciated,..I wore a beard long before the weetabix advert made it cool lol, I never use soap on my face (advice from my Nan rip)..and always towel dry my beard, def not that,..I will try the natural stuff first again ty my fellow beardies,..once the fashion moves on so will many beards and the razor guys will breathe a sigh of relief mine is for life..( covers the wrinkles lol)

  3. Movember is almost here. There is nothing worse than having dandruff on your black shirt from your lady tickler or that “just ate glazed donuts, I’m a slob” look.
    If you have this problem like I do, chances are that you get occasional dandruff on your head and/or have patches of oily skin. Most of the time people with sebborheic dermatitis have these problems. You probably already know how to take care of your head dandruff but this is what helps me for my face sweater:
    Never use soap on your face, just wash with water. As soon as you get in the shower (daily!) make sure you get your face toupee very wet and massage it. Do the rest of your shower routine then go back to your manometer. You will need nice trimmed nails (this should be a given) and start scratching all the trouble area (mine is near my chin and lip foliage area), really get in there. If you are doing it right you will have dead skin accumulating under your nails. Do this everywhere until it’s gone. When you get out of the shower, dry your face, gently and pat with a towel. Once your face is dry and you feel your soup strainer is as well, apply a light non greasy moisturizer to your entire face and massage it into your crumb catcher.
    This has to be your daily routine and it will improve by leaps and bounds. Try different creams until you find the right one for you. I like the unscented ones but remember if they aren’t light, you will have a glossy, white layer on your lip rug. Many people just say to apply oils, conditioners and creams but if you don’t take out that excess skin that we with sebborheic dermatitis have, the problem will always be there.
    Good luck with having to fight all the ladies away now that you will have a tight and well kept BEARD.

  4. You don’t need to use anything If you are using Burly Fellow products. I used many things to make my skin soft and shinny but now I am very happy with my skin and beard.

  5. I had the same issues, I found the recipe for relief. Follow this and you will likely see the same results.

    1.) Use TGel shampoo “original formula to wash your beard every time in the shower. Let it sit for 2 minutes once you work it in.

    2.) Use Bluebeards Original Fresh Mint w/ Peppermint Oil Conditioner in the shower too. Let it sit for 2 minutes too.

    3.) Dry your beard when you get out of the shower.

    4.) Put Wild Willie’s Beard Elixir Oil on your beard after you get out of the shower. Use generously. You can blot off any shine with a tissue.

    The redness and flakes are gone! Do this every time and it should work well. Do not use JFM (will burn your skin and may cause flaking) or any other products on your beard (i.e. astringents, lotions, etc…). If you need to color your beard use an all natural brush with color (can find on Amazon).

    Good luck!

    1. The TGel is right on. I wasn’t sure if I had terrible dandruff or ringworm my skin was so raw. So I doubled down and in 3 days figured out it was terribly dry skin.

      Might I suggest MG217 Psoriasis – Medicated conditioning shampoo instead of the TGel. It recommends twice a week, but I remembered from my dermatologist when I had head dandruff, they said I could use it every day for a while. So I used it for about 5 days straight and went from raw skin to dry skin. Now it is manageable again, and I’ve cut back to about 3x a week and load up on Aveeno lotions and a slew of essential oils my wife has. All better now. Give it a week and see if this helps! God bless, and God bless your sweet beard too.

  6. Beard oil is the age old maintenance tool that will keep your face from losing its oils to your beard. I oil my beard every day in the morning after showering. Not only does beard oil soften and tame your beard, it can also deliver essential oils that you may benefit from.


  7. I had the worst flaking around my beard and in my eyebrows!! it was rapidly turning into sebhorrheic dermatitis. I started using my kids “california baby” lotion for sensitive skin!!! worked miracles!!!!!

    1. I have had this issue on my scalp and beard. The solution is actually quite simple. Soaps and shampoos contain harsh chemicals which strip your scalp and hair of natural oils. Those oils serve a purpose. Stripping them is not what you want to be doing. Instead, get a simple squirt bottle. Add a tablespoon of baking soda, fill with water and shake. The baking soda solution is all you need to clean out the grime from your beard while maintaining its natural oils. It will also deodorize. Your beard will LOOK and FEEL better in a couple days.

    2. Hey John, having this same problem but it’s only happens during winter. How’s that lotion working out/ did it burn at all putting it on your eyebrows because that seems to be my problem? Eye cream usually works a little but I have trouble getting rid of the problem entirely- I can still see the dry skin in my eyebrows, its just not as noticeable.

  8. I was told jojoba oil was good but while initially it works after a few hours these flakes formed of the oil itself and look worse than the dry skin! I thought it might have been
    because I wasn’t rubbing it in properly but even when I spent a few minutes massaging it in there was no difference.
    I’ve have a relatively cool shower, use some dandruff shampoo and really dry it well, sometimes giving it a whirl of the hairdryer but there hasn’t been much improvement.

  9. What I found is the actual hairs coming through cause my skin to get red blotchy and bumps, then as the hairs grow and it gets sensitive, hurts and itches and falkes. To combat this I went to several dermatologists and this is what I found.

    Hydro-cortisone once a week
    Clindamycin every time out of the shower it’s a script lotion.

    For the longest I would use a little coal tar and blue star ointment which would get rid of the blotches and redness in like 24 hours even thou it sorta burns I didn’t care but dermatologist got me on this routine.

    Good Luck it works!

  10. Ok, this topic is really old now but heres food for thought on the cold(er) shower theory..

    At home my flaky skin is a mess, but if im away on holiday my skin (Beard & Scalp) is perfect!

    Why? Im thinking its because the pool, sea, and showers I take are always cool due to the heat of the climate!

    Its just too damn cold at home for a cool shower though!

    Im going to be trying out some of the suggestions on here and see how I fair.


  11. Changing seasons and weather tends to affect the condition of our scalp. scalp becomes dry, scaly, and itchy. The most influential effect on climate change is dandruff, and of course also affects the quality of your hair. The following are 10 faqs about dandruff that will be described by Dr.Deepali Bhadwarj a consultant dermatologist at Rockland Hospital.
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  12. Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you Nevertheless I’m experiencing problem with ur rss . Don?t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting similar rss problem? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

  13. I’ve been wearing a full beard and mustache since September 1, 1970.Nivea or Noxzema medicated skin creme twice a week does just fine for me.

    1. Sweet thanks for the advice. As I’ve tried the cool showers and all.

      Have a great bearded day



  14. I forgot to mention that you should make sure to use plain yogurt with no added sugar. You don’t want sugar in your beard or on your skin. I’ve used the Greek Yogurt, which works well.

  15. I’ve had a beard for some time now. Through trial and error I have found a cost effective way to keep the beard soft and dry skin free (Ok, I stole it from my girlfriend. LOL). Avocado works like a charm. You can also blend yogurt and oatmeal and work it into the beard down to the skin. Leave both applications on for about 20-30 minutes and rinse.
    The avocado will leave the beard nice and shiny.

  16. I am relly happy that i found this website. I have tried to grow my beard many times before and then shave it off within two months because it gets itchy. I grow a really thick beard. My family cant grow a beard, they grow patches so I have no one to give me advice on properly care for my beard. This website is awesome, its like walking and finding a gold nugget. Thanks for this helpful site.


  17. Have had the flake problem in some of my earlier beards. Just this last go round I think I have found the solution which works for me. I scrub my beard to loosen all of the dead skin around the hair follicles. ( I happen to use this mutt mitt which is a rubber glove with litte rubber spikes…. Don’t judge … It works great.). After that I use a teatree oil shampoo. About once a week I use nizoral shampoo (OTC shampoo that’s a bit stronger than h&s). This routine seems to have me flake free

  18. I know this is old but i wanted to add to it. I have had a bit of flaking and dry skin. This was a problem even in my shaving days, but only right after i shaved and showerd. I would always have to rub lotion all over my face after or i could not go about my day. we have hard water here, so im thinking this is a dry skin issue and not dandruff (there is a difference). I will have to get this confirmed one day by a doctor to be sure i suppose.

    This has been a bit of a problem even now that i have a full natural beard and shave nothing. I still have the hard water. I will be trying the mildly cold water, conditioner, and complete towel drying to see if that helps even more.

    What i have found that works best so far is applying about 10 drops of JOJOBA OIL evenly all over my beard (directly to the skin under the hairs) and then combing in just after my shower (while hair has just been patted down with towel). I leave this in (leave in conditioner) until my next mornings shower. This leaves my beard and skin feeling great. Like I said im running to the store right now to pick up some conditioner and will be trying the other methods to see if i can 100% eleminate the dry skin/slight flaking.

  19. I have been having crazy flakes in my beard for the past 6months or so, and nothing was working, head and shoulders. lotion etc. I thought the drying your beard after the shower sounded to easy, but I tried it, and have absolutley no flakes! Thanks guys!

  20. My 2yr old son has a very dry skin and none of the other creams work well including Vaseline, Aquaphor etc. We used to apply moisturizer on his body 4-5 times a day, but the problem continued until we found out about the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Treatment. This cream is a real savior in healing his dry skin problem. I would definitely recommend this cream to anyone who has dry skin or is dealing with a dry skin related problem.

    1. Hi Marylyn,

      Thanks for sharing this product with everyone. I’m glad you found a solution to your son’s problem. We’ll have to see how well it absorbs through a mess of beard hair!

  21. Thanks to our coach I finally made it to a whole beard (tried several times, but the wife and the itch was hell without a coach ;o)).
    I get those flakes around the chin too and since I use a conditioner (from head and shoulders) it’s gone. My wife didn’t notice that I used a conditioner instead of shampoo. So the bottle isn’t so noticeable.
    The good drying is important too.
    Blowing is only good for long hairs, hence the beautiful women with beautiful hair. A beard is often too short for dry blowing, so you will dry out your skin underneath it.

    And I too, will try the cool wash off.

  22. What worked for my dry skin under the beard:
    Ditto on the hot water. More on this later….

    Do not blow dry. Makes it worse.

    Use shampoo on your whole head – dermatologists seldom recommend bar soap for the face at all and if you don’t want to deal with a specific face wash, then shampoo is the best thing.

    Most important: CONDITIONER! (Can we bold that?) Even if you don’t use conditioner on your head use it on your beard. The conditioner makes your beard softer and easier to brush or comb with less tangling AND does what a big glop of moisturizer would do for your skin.

    Rinse with cool water. After the shampoo, conditioner, and taking care of the rest of the bod, I rinse the conditioner out with cool water. I don’t mean “not hot”, I mean relatively cool. Like, less than room temp. My barber gave me this tip and it probably made the biggest difference in my overall hair and skin condition. Doesn’t take much, just rinse all the heat out of your hair and beard.

    Finally, don’t be afraid to spend a little money. I spend about $60 every 6 months on great shampoo and conditioner for men (so it doesn’t smell like flowers) from Aveda to keep my entire head (and to be honest, the chest hair, too!) flake free, shiny, untangled, and looking pretty damned awesome. I have beard fans – so can you.

    1. Thanks for sharing your expertise, Sparkplug! This comment is a treasure trove!

      I’d never heard about the cool rinse before… I’ll have to try that out. It sounds refreshing to boot. But I’m not convinced that blow drying is all bad. Beautiful women blow dry their beautiful hair with fantastic success… why couldn’t a beard benefit from the same treatment?

      1. Blow drying: Long beautiful starlet/model hair means you blow dry the hair. Not the scalp. If your beard is long enough to blow dry just the hair, OK. But if you aim that blow dryer at your skin under the hair (scalp or beard) you’ll cause it to lose moisture really fast, tighten up, and crack. Flakes. Itching. Booooo! Also, models who use their own hair (think about that) often have to take a hair holiday to really repair everything from scalp to tips.

        We don’t need to do that. If you have flaky beard problems, good quality conditioner and a cool rinse will probably solve it. I buddy of mine saw a dermatologist about it (he had Chin Dandruff From HELL) and they found the right stuff for him. So if it’s a PROBLEM it’s worth asking an expert about.

        1. Good point about the hair length. And extra good point about the extensions. I believe your argument may have won me over to the anti-blow-dry camp. How do you feel about using a blow dryer set on cool as Chris suggested?

          1. Cool blow dry? Oh I suppose. I guess, since I don’t have a blow dryer. :)
            Perhaps it’s because I’m a big fan of shaking my mane and spraying harmless watery droplets all over. It’s the little things…

    2. Awesome post!! Thank-you to both the coach and sparkplug… I plan on keeping my beard for a while so it’s nice to know that I need to dry it pretty good and that conditioning will help me manage it.

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