Beard Contest – Austin TX – Misprint Magazine

don't shavemisprint flyer

Think you have a great beard and/or moustache?  Prove it!

My new friends at Misprint Magazine are hosting their fourth annual beard contest at The Mohawk in Austin, TX, on February 19, 2010.

I have been assured by the creators of Misprint that this thing has a huge awesomeness factor. Be forewarned, it is by no means a serious beard competition…. more like a reason to get together, have some drinks, hear some music, and be astounded by how many amazing beards there are out there.

I have a feeling this picture sums up the night pretty well.

misprint beard contest

Triumphant rejoicing? Check. PBR? Check. DJ with fuzzy animal ears? Mega-Check.

If you’ll have a beard by the 19th and can get to Austin by any means possible, you need to do this.


  1. I won 1st place in the sweetest ‘stache and wondered if there is any way to get one of those posters?

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