New Beard Poetry!

I recently received a nice gift in honor of the new year from a loyal member of the Beard Coach Army.  Kai “Longbeard” Cofer is a fantastic beard poet whose work appears on it’s very own page here.  He was nice enough to share these verses with me, and I felt compelled to pass them along to you.  Enjoy!

When I was five, I asked my dad,
“Why do you shave your face?”
He said, “I do not know, my boy.
It does seem out of place.
I really don’t like shaving. It’s
Unnatural and weird.”
I said, “I’d like it very much
If you would grow a beard.”

At first it was all stubbly
But then it grew and grew.
At last it was a proper beard
After a month or two.
“Should I let it grow longer, son?
I’ll do what you think best.”
By the time that I was seven
His beard was to his chest.

“Is this beard long enough, my boy?
Perhaps not, don’t you think?
And if I were to shave it now
I’d clog the bathroom sink.
For you I’ll grow it longer, son.”
And so he did post haste.
And by the time that was ten
It hung down to his waist.

My dad he kept on growing it.
He grew it to his thighs.
He entered many beard contests
And always won first prize.
“Perhaps I ought to shave today.”
He’d often like to tease.
By the time I entered High School
His beard was past his knees.

And now that I am twenty-one,
I cannot help but grin.
I think about my dad’s long beard
And stroke my bearded chin.
I want a beard just like my dad’s
A beard down to the floor.
It represents the love we share
Now and forevermore.


  1. Neil, Glad you liked the poem. I sorry to say it is not based on a true story. Would that it were. I was inspired to write it after reading about George Bernard Shaw. At age 5 he asked his dad why he shaved and the dad replied, “Why do I”, and threw away his razor. GB Shaw never shave a day in his life and was renowned in his day for this whiskers.

    I took that situation and extended it (pun intended.)

    In an ideal world this poem would be a common every day experience. I think beards should be a way for fathers and sons to bond. Perhaps if you have a son one day you can insire him and teach him to appreciate beards.

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