Happy New Beard!

Let me extend a belated wish for happiness in 2010, dear beard aficionado. I’ve just wrapped up a nice visit back home for the holidays, and I am truly excited for what the first full calendar year of existence holds for The Beard Coach. Let the call to beardedness ring far and wide!

Let me guess your main new year’s resolution… to grow an amazifying beard of glory! I know that I’m right because I’ve already received a couple emails from other readers expressing their excitement for their beard-to-be.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should make 2010 a beard year, let me give you a friendly, yet forceful, shove to the “yes” side. First reason for your beard: it’s winter and it somehow seems okay to mainstream society to grow a beard during this season. Second reason for your beard: you’re bored of the same old baby-faced look. Third reason for your beard: the twenty-teens may just come to be known as the decade that the beard officially came back. You want to be a pioneer on that frontier, don’t you?

Just go ahead and start my original coaching course right now using the sign up form at the bottom of this very page.¬† By the end of the year, you’ll be as bearded as Father Time!

father time