The Hidden Meaning Behind Barbasol

So the other day I was thinking about my nemisis, the shaving industry.  Running through all the brand names in my mind, like a tormented kid who feverishly pores over his list of bullies fantasizing about revenge, I remembered a brand of shaving cream that my dad would use on the non-bearded parts of his face.  Barbasol.

I remeber the can was decorated in the spiraling strpes of a barber pole, assumingly in an attempt to portray a sense of well-groomed-ness.  I guess it worked on Dad, and I must admit, it did indeed help him keep nicely defined beard borders.

But this is all beside the point.  The point is, having learned the Spanish language to a solid intermediate level, it dawned upon me as I thought of the Barbasol brand name that it has a hidden meaning.  “Barba” is Spanish for beard.  “Sol” is Spanish for sun.  So essentially the brand name is “Beard Sun.”

That conjured up a great mental image that I felt compelled to bring into the world in full glory.  Below I present to you an original piece of art created by me, Coach Adam.  It is, of course, entitled “Barbasol.”

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  1. I thought your post was clever and thought I would share some more information…. In 1919 Frank Shields invented Barbasol – he named it Barbasol from the combination of two words: the Roman word barba, meaning beard, and “solution” (sol for short).

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