People Magazine’s Sexy Beard

Sexiest Beard Alive

Whaaaa?!?!?  The sexiest man alive has a beard?

Believe it!

Johnny Depp has been sporting that closely-trimmed musketeer for years now… and apparently the ladies are diggin’ it.  I think Johnny is a great beard ambassador, and it’s not just because he and the Beard Coach are both Kentucky-born gentlemen.  The man is famous for doing his own thing, popularity be damned, and guess what… it’s only made him more popular.  Why more men aren’t following his lead, I can’t presume to know.  Take this to heart, boys… you can be yourself, grow your beard, and get the girl.

Another thing that stands out to me is this.  Johnny Depp’s beard isn’t that impressive.  If you look closely, it’s kind of patchy. His moustache doesn’t connect to his goatee.   Men who are afraid to grow out a less-than-perfect beard take note.  You can grow your beard and look good after all.  Just follow Johnny’s lead.  I’d bet dollars to dimes that the rest of his beard looks even more patchy, and that’s why he has chosen to wear the musketeer style.  However, he had the wisdom to grow it where it wants to grow, and you should too.  He said, “It’s okay that I can’t grow a full beard.  I’ll grow what I can and be confident in the results.”

And that’s the real lesson here, guys.  You can do whatever the hell you want to with your face as long as you do it with confience.  That’s what is sexy to women.  If you keep your confidence level bigger than your beard… if you wear that thing with pride and approach a woman knowing that she’s going to dig your originality, I guarantee that you will find yourself a good woman.  It may not happen on the first, second, or even tenth woman you talk to, but if you keep confidence in the good person that you are, you will eventually strike gold.  Hell, you may even win over the world.  Just ask Johnny Depp.

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