McDonald’s Loves Beards?

I’m really on the fence about this Swedish ad for McDonald’s coffee. On one hand, I love to see this guy popping out of his own beard. On the other, I have a general distaste for all things McDonald’s.

Is McD’s mocking the beard here or are they pro beard?
Are they exploiting the counter-culture aspect of the beard to make their product stand out?
Is it just good clean fun?

I guess my overall reaction is positive since I generally love weirdness. If this commercial had been for a small company I might feel better about it… maybe really enjoy it. I’m just not sure I can comfortably let McDonald’s use the coolness of the beard for their profits.

What do you think?


    1. It was produced by DDB Stockholm, a Swedish marketing company. I guess that may not mean it necessarily runs in Sweden. It could just be an Internet ad. It certainly seems like it’s trying to become the next Internet meme or something.

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