1890 New York Times Beard Editorial

The gods of the beard were smiling on me today, my friends.  I had one of those experiences that makes me thankful for the easy access to the hoards of information that the Internet provides. I present to you a primary source directly from the waning of the last heyday of the beard.

When the author of the editorial below sat down at his desk next to his coal stove, probably in a three-piece woolen suit, pen in hand, to write his beard story, he surely dreamt of the immense readership he would reach by writing to the New York Times.  Well, dear Author, your passionate tale of the rise and fall of your beard will now be seen by untold millions.  They will all celebrate the passion with which you eschewed the mainstream shaving society.  They will all mourn your beard’s tragic demise.  And my hope as Beard Coach is that they will find inspiration, not only in your bold leap into beardedness, but the pervasive sadness that fills the words describing your defeat.

Click the article below to read this true 19th century beard epic…

1890 Beard Article

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