National Beard Month

That’s right, gents.  National Beard Month (i.e. November) is nearly upon us!  Time to get that Novembeard going!  And you know who’ll help you find beard success.  That’s right.  Ye Olde Beard Coach.  Now, sign up and grow it.

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If you’ve read The Beard Manifesto, you know how I feel about “winter beards.”  But I’m willing to set those feelings aside for the spirit of national beardedness.  Hey, you never know, some fellow may grow out a beard next month as a gag and end up falling madly in love.  How many of you guys came to be permanently bearded by starting a joke beard?

Hey, whatever it takes to get more beards flowing from sea to shining sea, people.  Hey, I know, let write a patriotic beard song!  In honor of National Beard Month.  I’ll go for it if you will.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for amazing bearded patriotism the likes of which have never been seen or heard in this fine land.

Until then, get over to the National Beard Month Facebook page and become a fan.  I did.  And it felt right.