Lula’s Secret to Olympic Influence

Well, it looks like Chicago missed out on the 2016 Summer Olympic bid even though our president took a quick trip to Copenhagen to lobby on his home city’s behalf.  It kind of stings to be snubbed like that, but finding out that the honor was given to Rio made things feel quite a bit better.

Why do I care about Rio de Janeiro so much you ask?  Why prefer Rio to Tokyo or Madrid?  Heck, I’ve even been to Madrid and had a great time.  I like Rio because of one man… Lula.  President Luiz Ignacio Lula de Silva of Brazil.  Otherwise known as the most amazingly bearded head of state in the world.

Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

I am rather pleased that the nation run by the very man mentioned by name in my Open Letter to President Obama has won the privilege of hosting the Olympics and all the benefits that entails.

Could it be that the IOC was swayed by Lula’s beardedness?  Probably not, but I sure like to think it had some effect.  This begs the obvous question that if President Obama had shown up in Copenhagen relplete with a glorious full beard, would Chicago have been tapped for the hosting gig?  We’ll never know because this is yet another issue that has come and gone with a beardless Obama.

The madness has to stop.  We can’t play “what if” any longer.  Help me convice the president that his beardedness may very well change the course of national and world events.  Let’s do this before we get passed over for any other important honors and are cast as a country that simply can’t get things done.

Go sign the petition for a Bearded Obama now!