You’re in Good Hands

I was watching tv the other day and I heard the familiar voice of the Allstate Guy (i.e. the president from the first season of 24) telling me something about insurance.

“Yeah, yeah, Allstate Guy, I’ve heard it all before.  I’m in good hands, blah blah blah.”

I was kind of zoning out or talking to my wife or something, not really paying attention. Then I glanced at the screen.

Holy cow, the Allstate Guy grew a beard!

This is great news.  It’s one more bearded face in front of America to help increase our comfort level with the beard.  Not only that, but this is a character who is perceived as trustworthy and full of good advice.  It’s good to see a bearded man who isn’t supposed to be a weirdo or some kind of slacker or something.

Congratulations, Allstate Guy, on growing out your beard.  I am now 23% more likely to switch to Allstate.