New Logo

What do you think of the logo I designed for The Beard Coach?  Is it too terribly drawn?  Considering that we have a page dedicated to MS Paint style art it seems fitting to me.  Feel free to sound off in the comments section!



  1. I think it’s awesome. Just found this site trying to figure out if having a beard makes me come across more trustworthy or not. Think I have my answer though… just saw a legit statistical study on an Alexa 1400 site that resulted in bearded men being perceived as “unconventional and good”. Which is pretty much perfect for me, because I’m running a website with videos where I, a former insomniac, help insomniacs cure their insomnia… and because most things don’t work for insomniacs, they don’t trust people who say they can “cure insomnia”.

    So it’s nice to be able to keep wearing my winter beard and have it help my business as they will be more likely to perceive me for what I am and not another sales man.

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