A New Bearded Celebrity

Check it out!  A bearded Ben Affleck.

Bearded Ben

Ben had to grow his beard out for his supporting role in the new movie Extract.  I usually don’t like the way this guy looks.  I wonder sometimes how he has gotten so famous as a heartthrob.  He has always just reminded me of a regular guy who happened to write a very successful movie with his best friend who also became a famous heartthrob actor.

However, I have to say that Ben wears a beard well.  It seems that many of his lady fans out there feel the same way.  In the comments for this post on some website called Just Jared , one girl even described his beard as “lickable.”  Pretty weird!

Personally, I have to say that having my beard licked would cause me to politely excuse myself from the lady’s embrace, use her bath towel to dry off, and leave through the bathroom window.  Beard licking would be like licking a wire-haired dachshund. Maybe some women like this.

Why would you lick this?
Why would you lick this?